CHIRAGH, a registered Indian non-governmental organization (NGO) is a Child centric welfare organization working with less-privileged children from slum communities in Firozabad, Mathura, Mainpuri and Agra.

Following the philosophy- “ If a child cannot reach to the school, the school must reach the child”, the organization’s Mission is to “To Empower children from marginalized cohort of society living in difficult circumstances by providing quality education, awareness and dignifies livelihood with rights based approach”.

In tandem with its vision and commitment and also the fact that children are often vulnerable to abuse and exploitation; CHIRAGH is highly sensitive and accords top priority to protection and safety of children- their right; the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) providing the guiding to which India like other nations, is a signatory.

CHIRAGH, accordingly, commits to protect its children from exploitation, neglect, sexual and physical abuse and therefore has formulated a Child Protection Policy translating its commitment into practically. It is intended to keep children safe from possible abuse and exploitation within the organization (Staff members, Volunteers, Resource person), outside (Community), Sponsors and volunteers they come in contact with during different activities. The policy also is to serve as advocacy to create (Increase) awareness on Child protection in the Community and in the family.

This Policy is in compliance with the laws of the country-drawn keeping in view CHIRAGH’s philosophy, Mission and Vision, approach Policy on Child protection.


  1.  A child is defined as any person under the age of 18 years.
  2. Child abuse is defined as all forms of physical abuse, emotional ill treatment, sexual abuse and exploitation, neglect or negligent treatment, commercial or other exploitation of a child and includes any actions that result in actual or potential harm to a child. Child abuse may be a deliverable act or it may be falling in action to prevent harm.
  1. Child protection entails safeguarding children from any harm deliberate or otherwise any policy enunciates responsibilities, measures and activities proposed to be undertaken
  • Scope –child protection policy (CPP)


The Child Protection policy applies to everyone working for or associated with CHIRAGH

  • All Staff Members and Resource Person based in Head Office, Project offices in field area or elsewhere.
  • Other Member- Members of Board, Volunteers-Students, Corporate and community volunteers, contractors and other who may come into contact with the children through CHIRAGH
  • Guest/Visitors- donors, journalist, media, researcher, celebrities etc who may come into contact with the children through CHIRAGH
  • Implementation guidelines

CPP1. Awareness Program

  • Organize regular awareness program on Child Rights to Staff Members, Volunteers, community leaders, field volunteers
  • Impart special training to project staff on child protection

CPP 2. Program intervention

  • Design intervention with rights-based approach- responding to needs, sensitizing and empowering children, giving them voice
  • Making Community advocacy program on child rights and gender issues integral part of all interventions
  • Mobilizing and sensitizing women/mothers in order to make them and their spouse responsible for well being of children and prevention of exploitation, abuse

CPP 3. Compliance mechanism

  1. Background verification, past experience and aptitude, interest in education sector and teaching children to be important considerations, in addition to essential and desired qualification of candidates to be eventually recruited- full time of part time. Similar verifications are to be done prior to appointing teachers, community volunteers, interns, consultant ect. All persons shall be informed about CPP.
  1. Establish a child protection committee (CPC) in organization consisting of Sr. Program manager, Program manager/officer, Campaign and advocacy officer (Officer-IEC) Members from Community (Parents) youths (CHIRAGH’s Alumnus)- under overall supervision of the president of the organization. Necessary functional linkages with local MLA, Police and Hospital shall be established.
  1. Capacity building of staff members working with children in projects, to effectively deal with and promote rights of children and to help protect from any kind of exploitations and abuse.
  1. Monitor staff’s performance and conduct to ensure the same is in tandem with philosophy, mission and vision of CHIRAGH and also culturally sensitive.
  1. All personnel –staff, volunteers, interns, consultants, visitor or anyone else-connected with CHIRAGH will not spend time alone with a child, nor touch the child inappropriately or make child feel insecure.
  1. Children must not only be heard but also encourage to voice their concerns and problem. All staff, volunteers and whoever come into contact with children must ensure it. However, it must be watched and suitably guided that their interactions are friendly and decent.
  1. Children must be weaned away from labour- domestic servant. That must not be employed as domestic worker by staff

CPP 4.  Complaints/Allegation handling

  1. Any complain regarding incident of misbehavior with child (Abuse) in any program implemented in the target community shall be reported to the Child Protection Committee constituted under CHIRAGH- which will, first of all, facilitate medical care to the victim, if need be; subsequently carry out a thorough unbiased investigation or if need be, get first information report (FIR) filed and take help from local police for appropriate legal process and actions.
  1. CPC member of CHIRAGH shall extend moral support to parents and the victim (child) and if need be; help to file the first information report (FIR) at the local police station. CPC has the responsibility of informing the abuse case immediately to the president of CHIRAGH who will then initiate appropriate legal resource – dealing the case with due sensitivity and confidentiality.
  1. In case the wrongdoer is a staff member or any other person connected with CHIRAGH, the matter shall be reported to the nodal officer of the Child Protection Committee (CPC) constituted, the alleged person put under suspension with immediate effect, initiate appropriate investigations in house or, if need be, through official machineries; the accused person to be reinstated only after being found innocent by investigation done.
  1. Child subjected to abuse, more often that not, gets psychologically upset which is very traumatic, leaves deep scar on mind. Often faced with conflicting emotions- confusion fear, anger, shame, depression- result into lack of confidence, low self-esteem. Such upheaval may have serious repercussion later in life. Understandably, due personal care along with professional, effective counseling is critical and must be provided.
  1. Often, there is request received by CHIRAGH for sponsorship of child’s education. It is to be ensured that no inappropriate request are encouraged from the sponsor and entertained both at organization’s level and the same in correspondences from sponsor to the sponsored child.
  1. CHIRAGH shall encourage visits by donors and also sponsors of child’s education to projects on receiving prior permission. If requested, sponsor may be facilitated visit to sponsored child’s home accompanied by the staff member of CHIRAGH and only with the consent of the family. However, it shall be always insisted that sponsor meet the child in CHIRAGH’s Head Office.

CPR-5 Policy Issues

  1. As per compliance of Juvenile justice (J.J) act-2015 of the government of India, CHIRAGH has been included in as member of District Child Protection Committee in Firozabad. The NGO (CHIRAGH) therefore endeavors to influence relevant changes in public policy that will strengthen child rights and protection to children through different levels of government and child rights forum of NGO.
  1. It will be networking and collaborate with likeminded indivisual and institutions for sharing knowledge and experience (best practices); and support advocacy campaign on child protection, development and promote children’s participation.
  1. CHIRAGH shall ensure that picture/captions in all literature, documents and IEC materials on children are not officesive, commercializing poverty and miseries.
  1. It is committed to keep information about children confidential. Child abuse incidents to be kept as confidential and handled with care and concern. Ensure information about any such incident is shared with people only if it is deemed necessary by Child protection monitoring group and ensure names and identities are not disclosed outside or to the media.