CHIRAGH Society at a Glance Background:- It is a matter of 1995 era when I (ZAFAR ALAM) was quite young and got an opportunity by Pulse Polio campaign to serve the marginalized community of Firozabad Slums. During my tenure I had observed that there are no basic facilities of schools, roads, health centers, drains and sewers. There was a huge problem of health issues like diarrhea, tuberculosis, malnutrition, polio etc. due to waterlogged and piles of garbage were gathered place to place in slums, while people were also facing the shortage of drinking water. I was so depressed to see the living condition of this uneducated society and their malnourished children, anemic girls and the innocence women were forced to living their lives between four walls of home under purdah system. I started getting worried for this under privileged Society how to help them? Or what we can do so that this underprivileged community link with mainstream. How can we created awareness in this community to change their living standard? Then we decided to work for the socially and economically upliftment for this vulnerable community through Nonprofit Organization, But we have also observed that these innocent people have kept in the trap of moneylender, “SATTA MAFIA” and the local suppliers of SMACK & CHARAS. The hand of these MAFIA’S was very long and no one from the community was ready to speak raise their voice against and the fear of these MAFIA’s was prevalent in the uneducated society. When I decided to stand up against them because of this my friends also left me. My father Late Mr. Mohammad Saleem and some other family members encouraged to me to go ahead because these innocence peoples were in darkness and we made our aim to change this darkness into light through Sustainable Solutions. My loving younger brother Late Farhat Alam proposed us the name for our Not-for-Profit Organization which will be called by the name of “CHIRAGH SOCIETY” because it reflect to the light. We didn’t have any expertise or experienced, but we have zeal, passion and motivation to bring social change. About us:- Since 1997, CHIRAGH Society continue working for vulnerable PASCHIM PRADESH community in the field of child health, women empowerment, child PROPOSED STATE protection & rights, poverty & hunger, education, and livelihood, etc. with government and non-government organizations, Chiragh society is an organization registered under Societies Registration Act. 1860 in UP. We believe that ‘intelligence and experience for social work are not required but UTTRAKHAND should have empathy and kind heart to working within communities can bring the change’. Whatever we are doing with a single motto is “with the community, For the community” HARYANA MEERUT NEPAL PHIL NAGAR GHAZIABAD. Our Reach:- So far we have an intense presence at Firozabad, Mathura, Agra, Etah, and Mainpuri. Approximately we have reached directly or indirectly to 5 lacs population through our different IEC activities. However, we are expecting to extend ourselves in the western UP as per need in our motive for serving society. CAPITAN BAREILLY. HARYANA BGLANDSHAH V RUDAUN ALIGARH KANSHRAM MAHAMAYA NAGAR 4 NAGAR Our Team:- As of now, We are a team of around 100 volunteers, 50 Permanent staff including the Governing body, management committee and executive committee as organization structure of CHIRAGH Society. MAHJAHAN ETAH MATHURA

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Our Programmes & Accomplishment
Christmas Celebration
CHILDLINE 1098 Firozabad is an national emergency outreach services for those children, who needs of care and protection under juvenile justice act-2015. It is funded by ministry of women and child development GOI. Currently it is working in all over India. CHIRAGH SOCIETY operates ChildLine 1098 project in Firozabad district. Firozabad located in the western interiors of the state of Uttar Pradesh, which also goes by the name of ‘Suhag Nagri’. Firozabad is a hub of bangle making industry. Home based child labour is a major issue in Firozabad.
Since 2011, Chiragh Society continue operating CHILDLINE 1098 project with support of CIF in Firozabad and assisting children in difficult circumstances and ensures their fundamental rights of survival, development, protection, education and participation.
RAILWAY CHILDLINE 1098 Mathura – The ministry of women and child development and ministry of railways have jointly taken an initiative to ensure the care and protection, security and well-being of run away. unaccompanied and trafficked children who came in contact with the railway department.
Mathura junction is the largest and famous railway station connecting the North India with the South. This city is always the attraction for pilgrims and tourist. Since 2018, CHIRAGH Society operates Railway ChildLine 1098 project at Mathura junction and helps children in indentifying such vulnerable children and bringing them into the safe environment.
Inauguration of child labour Ray By ILASNeha Shama
Appreciation of Chiragh Team
Social Awareness Programe
Celebration of Independence Day With Slums Children
Chiragh society continuously supporting to Firozabad District administration in mass awareness campaign drive on different government welfare schemes like voter awareness campaign, school chalo abhiyan, DOTS pulse polio abhiyan, covid vaccination, child labour awareness campaign, BETI ACHAO BETI PADHAO campaign, mahila suraksha campaign, girls feticide etc.
The Pandemic Covid-19
Child Rights Awareness Programme At Railway Station
Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted the entire world severely. It has affected not only health and survival but also socio-economic development of the world as a whole. In short run, while it has caused tremendous casualties measures to restrict its spread, like lockdown and other mobility restrictions, have resulted in creating food security issues as supply chain hampered. Supply of other essentials has also been affected in spite of the efforts of government to minimize this. Hunger and malnutrition, in this situation, are likely to increase. Incidence of other diseases too can increase because people are hesitating in approaching health services for other issues and the health machinery itself is heavily occupied with its treatment and vaccination.
Loss of livelihood has been the most devastating outcome of the pandemic. Lockdown resulted in closure of several economic activities and resulted in increasing unemployment, poverty and hunger
Chingh Participated At District Label Child Protection Meeting
Celebration of Children Day With Community
Chiragh Society, as civil society organization, has come forward to minimize the suffering through immediate relief work, continued awareness building support of public health department, rehabilitatives support. CHIRAGH’s Director Dr. ZAFAR ALAM also played additionally key role to support health department during lockdown to work directly with Covid Emergency Response team and identified hundreds of Covid-19 patient and admitted them into hosital. And the other hand Chiragh team helped to Covid-19 patient’s family by dry ration kit or emotional support.
Awareness Programme With Handicaped
Covid Awareness With Slums Children
* 2000 needy families provided emergency dry ration kit support during lockdown. The kit included foodgrains
(wheat flour/rice, pulses, grinded spices, cooking oil, bicuits etc.) * Approximatery 20000 mask and gloves distributed to community members and frontline workers. * Approximately 1000 Sanitation kits distributed children, community members and front line workers.
(The kit included Soap, Sanitizers, Mask, Gloves, Black Hit etc.) * Support to health department in 3000 people Vaccination by Chiragh Team at Firozabad.
Distribution of Blanket
Chiragh Society distributing warm blankets in the slums of Firozabad and Mathura. So far approximately 5000 blankets have distributed to poor peoples in winter.
Dr. Zafar Alam Receiving Award by L.A.S.
Chandra Vijay Singh

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WE ARE IN THE NEWS महरू ने दिखाई देशको तरक्की की बालश्रन एक सामाजिक अभिशाप है: चाइल्डलाइन। , कोटरोगा बचाव के लिए किया जागरूक नुक्कड़ नाटक से बताया सूखे व गीले कचरे का महत्व करिना सजगमोगदानदनीय
समाजसेवी का हुआ सम्मान
फोटो दिखाने को लेकर
Siake Holder Meeting on Children Issue
Girl sold to Delhi man by stepmom returns home
Voter Awareness campaign
दोस्ती सप्ताह में बच्चों को बताए उनके अधिव,
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बच्चों की मदद करने का वायदा
नौकरी के बहाने पचासमखन्छ
Way Forward:- However, what we have achieved till now, is just a drop of water in ocean. Therefore we are planning to scale up our activities, and increase our covverage in more districts across western uttar pradesh.
Staff Capacity Building
Challenges-Globally, It is estimated that up to 1 billion children aged 2-17 years, have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect in the past years, Source by WHO
Evidence from around the world shows that violence against children can be prevented.
Outreach Programme
Challenges- 280 million people are still living under the national poverty line (Source: The Asian Development Bank). India’s rank in the Global hunger index is 102 out of 117, i.e. 190 million people sleep without food daily (Source: GHI conducted by international Food Policy Research Institute in 2019)
There are ‘n’ numbers of such shocking things, which hurts us. We are willing to do something, but the drawbacks are resources. The biggest challenge we have been facing is a financial crisis.
Outreach Programme
Mr. Kuldeep Nayyar, Kailash Satyarti & Dr. Zafar Alam Discussing on child labor
Are the pictures hurting you? Is the data disturbing you?
Child Welfare Committee Firozabad
Do you have a desire to do something?
If yes, then extend your hands. Your contribution towards nation will be appreciated as our partner.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, people can change the world. Indeed It’s the only thing that ever has.”
Distribution of Blanket
-Margaret Mead
AWARENESS CAMP & AWARENESS CAMP राग सोसायटी फिरोजाबाद विराग सोसायटी फिरोजाबाद।
Birthday Celebration of child Line Firozabad
Your help with us keeps our “Vision” alive. Account Details of Chiragh Society for Donation. Bank Name : HDFC Bank Account No.: 50100053339858 IFSC Code : HDFC0000946
Dr. Zafar Alam Receiving Award by LPS Manzil Saini