The Chiragh Society first opened a night school in slums during its inception, in these schools, those children who used to do child labor during the day were educated. After completing the 2-year bridge course, these children were connected to the mainstream of education, for the promotion of education, social activities in these slums like school chalo campaign rally, community meeting, street corner meeting etc., the organization has done such awareness programs for the people here, a large number of children from these areas started going to school and health services were also provided at these centers from time to time by the institution.

And in the year 2006, the institute established Madrasa Farhat ul Uloom, this madrasa is recognized by the Department of Minority Welfare Uttar Pradesh and more than 300 children are studying here, these are the children whose families are mostly labor worker in hazardous glass industries,the children of these families have taken education here, if the institution does not establish this madrasa, then we were sure that 75% of the children will never reach school because the family is not educated and lacks information in many aspects.Mothers pick up garbage and father is living his life working in hot glass factories, the organization has to face various problems due to purdah system and lack of education in the people of the area.sending daughters to school was a big challenge in these areas in spite of that institution doesn’t lose hope and continuing their work till now and today the organization is working on a large scale in these slums and is providing education health services continuously.

From the year 2007 to 2010, the institution operated 4 child labor centers run by the Department of Labor, more than 1000 children were connected to the mainstream through these centers and these four centers run by the institution And the project conducted by NCLP Special Training Center in Agra and Firozabad from the year 2017 to February 2020 both were designated as model by the department. At this time hundreds of children through Child Help Line 1098 Those who were doing labor or were away from the mainstream of education are being linked to the mainstream of education through government-run schemes and Madrasah Farhad-ul-Uloom is constantly teaching children. Various awareness campaigns are being conducted by the organization from time to time.