CHIRAGH SOCIETY is a well-known social-centric organization in the district of Firozabad. It has more than 25 years of experience in the development sector especially in the field of child protection, child health, women empowerment, child rights,s and gender equality.

Our Approach:

Operation Milan is a self-funded community-based model, a multi-stakeholder approach executed and implemented by the CHIRAGH Society in vulnerable areas of Firozabad. This approach ensures combined effort from the government, community, and local NGOs. The Operation Milan program intends to make a safe and stress-free environment for women and children, to ensure their rights and protection of Women and children. The target populations covered under this program are those women who are victims of any kind of domestic violence, quarrel or stress between husband and wife, children deprived of care and protection, discriminated children of any kind, those women and children who are victimized of any kind of depression, etc. The organization’s interventions in such types of cases through our experienced teams provided them with legal help and counseling under government policies and structures. With the help of empowering, we collaboratively linked them with education, health, and protection services.

Our Objective

In today’s fast-paced life, the relationship is going to constant deteriorate between husband and wife, children, and parents due to so many reasons to improve their relationship, Chiragh Society is making a little bit of effort through its innovative initiative “Operation Millan” project. Under this initiative, efforts are being made to improve the relationship between husband and wife and children through expert counseling. If the counseling is not convenient, then we also provide free legal aid from the District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) to those women who are suffering from domestic violence. We also intervene with those children who constantly are running away from their homes, those childrenwho do not have an interest in education, and those children who do not have positive relationships with their families. We are providing expert counseling and making an effort to make their life better. Operation Millan also stands for those children who are victims of any kind of violence physical, sexual, and emotional. We produce such children before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and follow thelegal steps in the best interest of the child.

Its Mission

To create and establish a safe and stressful environment for women and children.Its Vision To ensure our reach out to such women and children who are forced to live their lives in any kind of exploitation, depression, demotivation, and stressful environment and help them to come out.Its Impacts
 Mental health
 Women empowerment
 Child safety
 Education
 Restoration and shelter
 Reduced the cases at the police station level.